1 The Scheme: The scheme is to intended to provide financial assistance for construction of Marriage Halls / Conventional Centres / Community Halls

2. Eligibility: Proprietary/Partnership/Companies are eligible for assistance.

3. Purpose of assistance: The assistance will be considered for:

  • Construction of building Purchase of Airconditioners (both centralised and Window)
  • Purchase of Kitchen equipments and vessels
  • Purchase of Furniture and electrical fittings
  • Interior design /decoration
  • Purchase of Generator
  • Lighting and Music systems and T.V.
  • Lift
4. Project Cost: Need based.

5. Promoters' Contribution:
Minimum promoters' contribution shall be 35%.

6. Debt Equity Ratio:
DER shall be 2 : 1 maximum

7. Repayment: Repayment period including holiday period of 2 years, shall be maximum of seven years. Repayment shall be on monthly basis.

8. Collateral Security: Collateral security to 50% - 100% of loan amount shall be offered.

9. Others: The scheme shall not be eligible for any concession under NEF / MUN / SEMFEX / TAHDCO / Soft loan scheme etc.No interest concession will be granted even if promoted by existing concern/promoters possessing Gold/Green/Merit Card. For Convention Centres located in other than Corporation / First Grade Municipalities, the loan amount is restricted to Rs.20 lakhs.



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