The Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd
(A Government Of Tamil Nadu Undertaking)
Funding Success...

Single Window Scheme



The Corporation considers financial assistance for purchase of land, construction of building, purchase of machinery and equipments and for working capital under single window scheme.


WCTL alone is also considered under SWS for the units assisted by us and which are not in a position to tie up with banks for their working capital requirements.



(i) Separate WCTL to those units which were sanctioned term loan for acquiring fixed assets on or after 1.1.92.


(ii) If the units have bank facility, they are not eligible for working capital assistance under SWS. In case of additional requirement/enhancement. They will approach their banker.


  1. WCTL component shall not exceed Term loan component.


Project Cost

The total venture outlay should not exceed Rs.200 lakh.  This stipulation is withdrawn for MSI with effect from 16.08.2012.


Debt Equity Ratio

3 : 1 for loans upto Rs. 10 lakh

2 : 1 for loans above Rs. 10 lakh



TL : 5 to 7 years with holiday period of 6 months to 2 years.

WCTL : 36 Months with holiday period of six months.

For working capital alone, there is no holiday period.



100% of WCTL and 50% for TL.


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