The Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd
(A Government Of Tamil Nadu Undertaking)
The Growth Catalyst

General Scheme For  New & Existing Entrepreneurs


Objective The Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to new units / expansion / modernization / diversification.
Eligibility a. All Micro, Small scale & Medium scale industries are eligible.
b. Proprietary / Partnership / Limited companies are eligible.
Purpose For purchase of land, construction of building, purchase and erection of machinery.
Loan Limit

                                                                            (Rs. Crores)

Constitution Individual unit Group
Proprietary 27.00 50.00
Partnership 27.00 50.00
Limited Companies 41.00 50.00


Promoter’s Contribution New cases : 33.33%
Existing      : 25% subject to overall DER of 2 : 1
Debt Equity Ratio 3 : 1 for loans upto Rs.10 lakhs
2 : 1 for loans above Rs.10 lakhs
Repayment Period Upto 9 years including holiday period of 2 years
Collateral Security

Upto Rs 3.00 crores – 50% of loan amount

Above Rs 3.00 crores – to be decided by the Sanctioning Authority

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